Cajon Drum Kit

Groove Industries Cajon Drum kit

The Groove Industries Cajon Drum Kit is a ‘drum kit’ for small acoustic gigs, rehearsals or if a regular drum kit is too loud or too big. The sound is full-bodied, bold and is perfectly usable in live situations. Easy to extend with a hihat, cymbals, percussion, etc. You play this drum kit with nylon/natural brushes. The kit is easy to transport and also very suitable for playing on the street.

This handmade Cajon Drum Kit is made of Scandinavian Birch. Sturdy rubber feet provide stability and bottom protection. For the finish, we have selected an environmentally friendly hard wax oil that enhances the wood structure and provides the cajón with a wear-resistant top layer. Beautiful, sturdy brackets are mounted in order to a stable suspension of the snare. The Cajon Drum Kit is available from €319,-(Euro). This Kit comes with a Bass Drum Cajon, Cajon Snare (with adjustable snare) and hardware (mount brackets and L-rod). The Cajon Drum Kit is available in two colours: Natural and Dark Nut.

In addition to the Kit it’s possible to order a pair of Nylon Brushes or/and a Meinl Cajon Bass Drum Beater. Pair of Nylon Brushes: €20,-  Bass Drum Cajon Beater: €20,- (Euro). The bass drum pedal itself is not included. Any bass drum pedal is suitable.

This complete Cajòn Drum Kit: €359,- (Euro)

From €200,- Free shipping within the EU. We ship worldwide ( fair shipping fees applies). 

Groove Industries Cajon Drum Kit
Groove Industries Cajon Drum Kit naturel
Meinl Bass Drum Cajon Beater
Meinl Bass Drum Cajon Beater
Stagg Nylon Brushes
Stagg Nylon Brushes

GI Cajon Snare

Due to many requests, we have decided to also sell the cajon-snare separately. When you order just the cajon-snare, the bracket is mounted in the center instead of slightly off- center.

The cajon-snare comes with an adjustable snare system so you’re able to fine tune your snare sound.

GI Cajon Snare is available from €105,- excl. shipping (Euro)

Groove Industries Snare cajon inside

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