About Groove Industries

Groove Industries traces its roots back to the vision of drummer Raoul Roosenstein. With an unwavering passion and decades of experience in genres like Jazz, Funk, Pop, and World Music, Raoul’s musical journey has spanned over 30 years and connected him with artists from across the globe.

The genesis of the GI Cajon Drum Kit stems from Raoul’s venture into crafting cajons initially meant for workshops. However, his creations soon garnered attention for their exceptional sound quality. Being a drummer himself, Raoul’s guiding principle was clear: his instruments had to produce outstanding sound.

The year 2019 marked the commencement of the Cajon Drum Kit’s development. Inspired by the need to perform in compact venues without a full drum kit, Raoul devised a form of percussion set using cajons he had handcrafted. This innovative approach allowed him to replicate the feel of a genuine drum kit.

The first prototype emerged, resonating with Raoul’s enthusiasm for the captivating sound it generated. After refining and perfecting its design, the GI Cajon Kit became a tangible reality. Swiftly, the first order was received. Over time, the Kit evolved into a comprehensive and top-quality instrument, garnering attention from drummers worldwide.

“With careful attention to feedback, precise criteria, and my own ear-driven craftsmanship, this kit ensures a complete drum sound,” Raoul reflects. Groove Industries maintains its identity as a boutique enterprise to uphold the instrument’s quality and remarkable sound. Each instrument that departs the workshop undergoes meticulous sound and quality assessments, signifying the brand’s commitment to excellence.