About Groove Industries

Groove Industries was founded by drummer Raoul Roosenstein.
Raoul Roosenstein is a drummer in heart and soul. Very passionate and experienced musician. Raoul has over 30 years of experience in Jazz, Funk, Pop and World Music. Raoul has worked with many musicians from all over the world.
The GI Cajon Drum Kit originated from the fact that Raoul started building cajons to provide workshops. Soon his cajons were noticed for the fact that they sound great.
“Because I’m a drummer myself, I build with my ears, it just has to sound great”.
In 2019, the development of the Cajon Drum Kit started.
“Because I once had to play in a very small venue, I didn’t really want to come with my complete drum kit, I came up with a kind of percussion set of cajons (which I already made myself) but which I could play as on a real drum kit ”.
The first prototype was born. Raoul himself was very enthusiastic about the sound that set produced. After a few improvements, the GI Cajon Kit was a reality. Not much later, the first order arrived. The Kit has been further developed into a full-fledged and high-quality instrument. Drummers from all over the world now know where to find Groove Industries.
“By listening carefully to reviews and criteria and still building with my ears, this kit guarantees a full-fledged drum sound”.
Groove Industries is and remains a small-scale company to guarantee the quality and great sound of the instrument. Every instrument that leaves the workshop is extensively tested for sound and quality.